Giouvarlakia Meatball SoupGiouvarlakia Meatball Soup
  • 6 servings
  • 50 mins
  • 463 kcal

Giouvarlakia Meatball Soup

This traditional Hellenic meatball soup, called Giouvarlakia or Youvarlakia, is hearty and delicious. When the temperatures drop and I want something comforting, I reach straight for the ingredients to make this. It’s another recipe that my grandma used to make. You’d better make sure there’s enough for seconds, because if you’re anything like my family, everyone will be begging for more!

This is a traditional Greek meatball soup, and boiling the meatballs may seem unconventional but trust me, it works! And that egg lemon sauce (avgolemono) that you add at the end? Definitely don’t miss it! It unites all the Mediterranean flavours of this recipe and acts as a thickener too - a real ‘secret ingredient’! Reach for some crusty bread to dip in, and you have the perfect bowl of warmth and goodness to cradle by the fire as the night draws in…

  • Meatballs
  • Soup
  • Egg-lemon sauce

To make the soup’s consistency smoother, take a few carrots and potatoes when the soup is nearly ready and melt them using a blender.

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