Ham and Cheese Pie

Ham and Cheese Pie

  • 15 servings
  • 50 mins
  • 228 kcal

This ham and cheese pie is a homemade version of something you often find in Greek bakeries and pastry shops. It’s a great snack that I include in the kids’ lunch boxes to mix things up, but it’s also a yummy afternoon snack for me and perfect finger food for a birthday party, or picnic.

The ham and cheese pie crust of flaky, buttery puff pastry adds a little crunch on top, whilst the mouthwatering filling of slightly herby tomato, ham and cheese ticks all the boxes for kids and adults alike! You can enjoy this hot or cold, but make sure to indulge in good quality ham - this is a simple recipe, so the flavour of the ingredients makes all the difference. 😊

Ham and Cheese Pie

Ham and cheese are the most popular choices, but often I use what ever I have available. Same quantities of any kind of cheese and cold cuts of your choice.

I prefer to have the onion and the bell pepper chopped because I like their texture in every bite. However you can blend them completely if you prefer to keep only their taste and not their texture.

The sauce is perfect for pizza too! When ever I make this recipe, I do a little extra and store it in the fridge for an upcoming pizza night.

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