Authentic Greek Tzatziki

This authentic and easy-to-make tzatziki recipe will transport you straight to the sun drenched tavernas of Greece.

  • 6 servings
  • 10 mins
  • 114 kcal
  • NF GF VE

Tzatziki comes out as soon as the sunshine does, at our house! We are the type of family which permanently uncovers our barbecue as soon as spring arrives, and we make the most of every sunny day by eating outside.

Whether it’s dolloped on top of a pita bread with souvlaki, or as a dip for flatbread and veggie sticks before the BBQ is ready, tzatziki is always my go-to. For me, barbecues HAVE to be accompanied by tzatziki - no ifs or buts! Are there any dips and sides that you can’t get through BBQ season without?


Sonya29 Aug, 22 @ 5:06pm

The best!!!!

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