Pasta Flora

  • 8 servings
  • 1 hr 20 mins
  • 481 kcal
  • VE

Try fooodlove’s simple & tasty recipe for the Greek jam tart Pasta Flora, here featuring homemade Ikarian quince jam.

Pasta Flora makes me think of sunshine, even when there isn’t any! Is there anything more delicious than the floral scent of soft-skinned quinces in a bowl? Or strawberries, warm from the sun? I love those days of summer bounty, and love it even more when that fleeting delicacy can be captured in jam form, to enjoy year-round!

This recipe for Greek jam tarts - Pasta Flora - is the perfect way to enjoy homemade jams. The recipe is a childhood favourite, but it works as a smart dessert just as well as a simple treat. I used beautiful quince jam, grown and made by my father-in-law, on the island of Ikaria. Any jam will do, as long as it’s super-tasty!


Entela21 Mar, 24 @ 6:49pm

It looks and tastes delicious. I make a very similar pasta flora (I use fig jam instead) and it is to die for.

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