Pasta Flora

Pasta Flora

Try fooodlove’s simple & tasty recipe for the Greek jam tart Pasta Flora, here featuring homemade Ikarian quince jam.

  • 8 servings
  • 1 hr 20 mins
  • 481 kcal
  • VE

Pasta Flora makes me think of sunshine, even when there isn’t any! Is there anything more delicious than the floral scent of soft-skinned quinces in a bowl? Or strawberries, warm from the sun? I love those days of summer bounty, and love it even more when that fleeting delicacy can be captured in jam form, to enjoy year-round!

This recipe for Greek jam tarts - Pasta Flora - is the perfect way to enjoy homemade jams. The recipe is a childhood favourite, but it works as a smart dessert just as well as a simple treat. I used beautiful quince jam, grown and made by my father-in-law, on the island of Ikaria. Any jam will do, as long as it’s super-tasty!

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