Ham and Cheese Pie

  • 15 servings
  • 50 mins
  • 228 kcal

Your favourite Greek bakery delight. A delicious, flaky pie with ham and cheese baked in puff pastry.

This recipe for ham and cheese pie is just one of those bakes that’s so adaptable - there’s almost no occasion it doesn’t work for! This is a homemade version of a Greek bakery classic.

It’s perfect packed into the kids’ lunchboxes, served with a little salad and a glass of wine at home, sliced up into a tupperware for a picnic, laid our for a party - one thing is for sure, these simple little bites of deliciousness always disappear fast!


Alex19 May, 22 @ 5:54pm

You had me at puff pastry and sesame! 😅 Not a huge fan of ham though…

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