Giouvetsi with ChickenGiouvetsi with Chicken
  • 8 servings
  • 50 mins
  • 297 kcal

Giouvetsi with Chicken

Giouvetsi is a Greek recipe that really takes me back and makes me nostalgic for my Greek childhood! It is simple - traditionally, a meat dish (chicken, lamb or beef) cooked with pasta (often ‘kritharaki’ - orzo - as here) in a tomato sauce. Back at home it would traditionally be baked over fire in a clay pot - a güveç - hence the name! It is a recipe that goes back hundreds of years; the original one-pot meal.

Orzo is a great, versatile pasta. Only slightly bigger than grains of rice, orzo gives the dish body and is perfect at soaking up all the flavours created by the baking time. The delicious, tender chicken remains moist, whilst the vegetables infuse both flavour and goodness into the stew-like vegetable sauce. Top with cheese and it’s the perfect winter warmer, or weekend lunch.


Giouvetsi can be made with beef, lamb or chicken; the process remains the same.

When you bake it check occasionally if you need to add some water.

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