Chocolate Mosaic with Halva

Chocolate Mosaic with Halva

Fooodlove’s recipe for chocolate mosaic with halva, a moreish fridge cake featuring Greek halva, nuts and dark chocolate.

  • 12 servings
  • 2 hrs 15 mins
  • 346 kcal
  • DF GF VE
Chocolate Mosaic with Halva

We love chocolate in my house! This no-bake chocolate fridge cake creation was masterminded by my sister, who once brought ‘chocolate mosaic with halva’ to a family gathering. I immediately had to have the recipe! Incidentally, if you aren’t such a big fan of that sesame flavour, I have a chocolate mosaic recipe here.

Halva is a dessert or confectionary which comes in different guises and means different things across the world. Greek halva, though, is considered a traditional Greek orthodox fasting food. Either semolina-based or sesame-based, mine uses sesame-based halva, giving that nutty flavour and crumbly texture.

There’s something so moreish about the combination of melted dark chocolate, nuts and halva. It’s filling, it satisfies you - but you cannot help going back for more. The plate is guaranteed to be wiped clean when you make this, however much you make!



Instead of bain-marie, you can melt the chocolate in a microwave. Use a small bowl covered with cling film and microwave it for about 2 minutes. Depending on the microwave’s power, a few more seconds may be needed.

You can substitute the roasted almonds with hazelnuts or pistachios and the cranberries with raisins.


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You will need about 2 hours 15 minutes to make 12 servings of this recipe, which has approximately 346 calories each. Make sure you have all the ingredients and follow these 8 simple steps. If you have any questions, send me an email and I’d be more than happy to help!

Watch it step-by-step!

Chocolate Mosaic with Halva

This chocolate mosaic with halva is the sort of no-bake fridge cake you make again and again. Masterminded by my sister, who once brought it to a family gathering, the plate always comes back empty - no matter how many slices you put on it…

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Eric3 Sep, 22 @ 10:12am

So easy and full of taste!!! Loved it. Thanks for the recipe Sevi.

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