Spinach and Feta Galettes

Spinach and Feta Galettes

A mouthwatering vegetarian breakfast, or lunch. Spinach and feta galettes never fail to satisfy and satiate!

  • 6 servings
  • 25 mins
  • 388 kcal
  • NF VE
Spinach and Feta Galettes

These spinach and feta galettes are a mouthwatering veggie breakfast, or lunch, to satisfy and satiate. They work year-round, too. In the summertime, send your kids off with a healthy last-minute breakfast to eat on the school bus, pack them up for a picnic in the park, or serve as part of a dinner al fresco. Stick them in your kids’ (or your own) packed lunch to break up the monotony of sandwiches and wraps. In the winter? For me, the winter is a time when I cannot handle a cold salad for lunch, but I don’t always fancy a soup, or a big meal. Ditto for breakfast - something slightly warmed through made from buttery pastry ticks all my boxes! These galettes are the perfect light lunch, served warm with a fresh green side salad and a few juicy cherry tomatoes. Who am I kidding, any savoury pastry tarts are a go-to for me through those chilly months!

The cheesy, buttery savouriness of flaking pastry and salty cheese complements the iron green tang of the spinach perfectly. These pastry morsels feel indulgent and satisfying, but allow you to feel slightly healthy at the same time. Those two things together? That equates to my favourite type of meal!



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You will need about 25 minutes to make 6 servings of this recipe, which has approximately 388 calories each. Make sure you have all the ingredients and follow these 9 simple steps. If you have any questions, send me an email and I’d be more than happy to help!

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Spinach and Feta Galettes

These spinach and feta galettes are a year-round win for me! Perfect for breakfast or lunch, picnic pack ups for summer or light lunches al fresco, they are also exactly what I want for lunch when it’s grey, cold and drizzly outside.

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