Orange and Vanilla Braided CookiesOrange and Vanilla Braided Cookies
  • 44 pieces
  • 60 mins
  • 93 kcal

Orange and Vanilla Braided Cookies

These orange & vanilla braided cookies are a traditional Greek Orthodox Easter recipe. Originally from Smyrna, they are known as “koulourakia smyrneika”, and are gifted to friends and family over the Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations.

Greek Easter (later than Western Easter, because we follow the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian!) is a BIG celebration in Greece. Many families head home to their family islands or villages for big get-togethers. After traditionally being abstemious throughout Lent, Easter is truly a celebration. The table groans under a sumptuous feast - often featuring a roast lamb as centrepiece. These Smyrna cookies are traditionally made on Thursday and enjoyed when the Easter festivities kick off. We often gift them to friends and family, too! Don’t keep these Koulourakia Smyrneika for Greek Easter, though - cook a batch up and take a little bagful to a friend’s house as a treat or dinner party ‘thank you’ present. They’re a super gift!


Store these cookies in an airtight container and they’ll last up to three weeks.

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