Coconut Cake Bites

  • 25 pieces
  • 1 hr 20 mins
  • 337 kcal
  • NF VE

Perfect for adults and kids alike, these mini mouthfuls are the perfect birthday cake bites or party snacks - addictive, moreish, and easy to bake!

I love these coconut cake bites for kids birthday parties. They are little and so easy for little fingers to manage, but taste ‘mature enough’ for the grown-ups to enjoy too!

I also wheel them out with coffee at the end of a dinner party, and they always go down a treat. A word of caution - they’re the type of moreish mouthful where you intend to have one, and suddenly find you’ve inhaled a plateful! That’s why I always bake more than I think I’ll need!


Maria1 Jul, 22 @ 9:32am

These look delicious!!! 😍

Martha5 Jul, 22 @ 10:48pm

These look like Lamingtons and I’m already droolling. The recipe seems quite easy so I’ll give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

Susie Levinekaye
Susie Levinekaye 21 Aug, 22 @ 11:27am

These look exactly like Cleveland Coconut bars which I’ve been eating for over 70 years. I believe Beas Bakery in the Valley got their recipe and you can buy them there . I know a lot of people who make the cake part from box cakes and continue on with the rest of the recipe or just use Hershey’s syrup and the same coconut and wrap them in bars in waxed paper and freeze them for company . Very delicious Davis Bakery on Cedar Road in Cleveland Hts

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